Frights on Filmore St.

Post Halloween

Oops… I just realized that I never did a Post-Halloween update. Here’s my one from FaceBook:

We had a great time and a great turn out for the first year. (over 250) Thank you all for your support. Thanks to the media for the articles and public awareness. Thanks to the community for your enthusiasm. Thanks to the Sidney City Council for your kind support and for realizing that even though we are a small town, big things can succeed.
Looking forward to being open full season next year. Friday and Saturday nights, all of October. We will expand, rearrange and be bigger and better. Can’t wait.
Watch for posts mid-year looking for sponsors, actors and crew.
So for now, the gates are closed. See you next year.

NoTrespassingWith that said, we are back at it. Accumulation more cool props and costumes, designing the expansion, building things. In March we’re headed to the Transworld Haunted Attraction Show. The largest gathering of vendors in the US. It’s gonna be a blast. Can’t wait to get… stuff.

We have also joined the Southwest Iowa Trail of Terrors. Check them out on FaceBook:

On another note: We are now officially Sinister Sidney, LLC. Yea for us!

Be sure to check out our FaceBook page, lots more updates there.



5 days to go

Had our final build day today. Got it all done and more. Thanks to all who have helped over these last few weeks. There is no possible way we could have done it with out each and every one of you.

Had a test walk through and I gotta say, to all of you planning to come Halloween night, your in for the time of your life… short though it may be…

Reverend Michael


It’s official folks… we are actively looking for actors, makeup artists and crew for Sinister Sidney.
Already working a local haunt? We don’t care. All the better. They aren’t open on Halloween night, we are ONLY open Halloween night.
Contact us at, or message us through Facebook.
Must be willing to commit. This is a big deal! We’ve had newspaper coverage, parade coverage, will have radio coverage, flyers, posters, etc. We plan on a HUGE turnout, so we need the support.
Come have one final night of scaring the crap out if people… you know you love to…

Sidney Rodeo Parade Update

ParadeBanner Pic

Remember, We will be walking in the Sidney Rodeo Parade at 4:00pm Saturday August 1st. If you would like to join us, don your best Zombie or Monster makeup and show up at 3:15. Won’t know our placement till the day, so just ask the coordinator at Bart’s Barber Shop when you get there.

New to the crew

Please welcome to the Sinister Sidney family, Janice…


Sidney Rodeo Parade

We will be walking in the Sidney Rodeo Parade at 4:00pm August 1st.  If you would like to join us, don your best Zombie or monster makeup and show up at 3:30. Won’t know our placement till the day, so just ask the coordinator at Bart’s Barber Shop when you get there.

Investigators on Board

Just made an awesome connection and got a new sponsor. Everybody welcome The Southwest Iowa Paranormal Investigations Team! You can bet we’ll have them here checking things out.


New Sponsors

Just secured more sponsors! Give some Love to Benevolent Studios and Survivors Ink South in Hamburg and Survivors Ink Tattoo in Emerson. Look them up on Facebook.

New Connections

Went to visit an old fiend of my wife’s tonight. Turns out she only lives about 10 miles away and have the same amount of property we do. She’s been doing a haunted walk at her place for the last few years. Like ours, a One Night Only deal. This year she wants to make it more small-child friendly. (just the opposite of us) So we are going to collaborate. She has several pieces that they won’t be using that we’ll take, and we have a few “Silly” pieces she can have. So, if you want somewhere to take the little ones this Halloween, Sinister Sidney is not the place. But we will give you directions to Randolf… thanks Debbie

Pens and Slaughter House

Well… I spent the last 4 days cleaning out the old hog shed and getting it prepared for setup. Ran electricity, killed spiders (most), organized and swept. The building hasn’t been used in over 50 years, and I can guess why. After moving some boards by the back wall I found a TON on blood stains spattered all over that wall. Guess it will be good for the decorations. I also found some weird metal tools. Not sure what they were for, bot they look pretty gruesome. Spent about 4 hours clearing trees and brush around the place too. It’s really gonna piss off the racoons that I sealed up the windows and roof and fixed the back entrance. Oh well… They’ve had it too easy around here anyway.

Slaughter house

Slaughter house