Frights on Filmore St.

Opening in ONE week!(Oct 2)

Only $13 for this 1/2 mile trek. Sinister Sidney is not like the rest, and sure to be the creepiest place you’ve ever been. And remember, as always, we have a $1 discount per non-perishable food item donated, up to $3 off. All food donations go to support the West Central Food Pantry of Sidney.

Want something different? Go somewhere different…

Opening Update:

We at Sinister Sidney have come to the consensus that, for the safety and peace of mind of our patrons and actors, nose/mouth facial coverings will be required for entrance to the Haunt. If we can wear them all night, you can handle it for an hour to experience the awesomeness that is… Sinister Sidney.

2020 Open Dates

Yes! We are opening for the 2020 Season! As always, we will be open Friday and Saturday nights, from dark till 11:00 P.M. WEATHER PERMITTING
Please be sure to check our FaceBook page for the open status before heading out.

October 2020 Calendar

To keep you and ourselves safe, we have implemented the following guidelines:

  1. Social Distancing will be enforced. Groups will be limited to 6 people at a time (as always) and spaced 6 feet or greater apart. Our staff will enforce this throughout the haunt with your help.
  2. Nothing can protect you from us, but to protect us from you, we request that all patrons wear some sort of face covering.
    Many of our residents are unable to, and we don’t want to catch whatever you may have. In return, we will attempt no to spit on anyone.
  3. ABSOLUTELY NO TOUCHING ANYONE OR ANYTHING! There ain’t enough sanitizer in this state to spray every surface in the forest. Besides, since we do use some Bio props (real stuff) you really don’t want to anyway.
  4. Unfortunately, due to the restrictions, we will not be serving our delicious $.25 Hot Coco this year. We are as disappointed as you are.

Though we would never call Sinister Sidney a “Safe” place to be, we will do our damnedest to make sure it ain’t Covid-19 that gets you…

Saturday October 26th, OPEN

We will be open for our final night of the season and it will be a beautiful night too!

Open and Waiting. October 26.

Open Friday, October 25th

Don’t miss the final weekend. That would just be crazy…

Open, Saturday 10/19

Opening Night!

October 4th, We Are Open at Dark!

Come See Us!

Opening weekend, October 4-5.

We Need You!

Training starts September 22, Opening Day is October 4th!

Voted #1 Must-See Haunt in Iowa

The fans have spoken! Sinister Sidney has been voted the #1 Must-See Haunt in Iowa on!

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