Frights on Filmore St.

Haunter’s Hangout

We will be guests on the Haunter’s Hangout show (Facebook group) Thursday, March 16th 2017 @8:00pm CST! Tune in and ask questions for a chance to win prizes.

Thank you all..

Thanks to everyone who came out and supported us and the food pantry. We collected (2) 55 gallon barrels with food!
We will be visiting other haunts Monday night.
It’s been a blast and we got many great reviews. This tells us we are doing something right. (2 fetal positions, 7 wet and 1 soiled pair of pants that we know of) We are already making plans for next year. Sinister Sidney will be back, bigger, badder and better.
On a final note: We want to thank the 40+ people who helped out this year. Whether with build, acting, crew or just support. This endeavor could never have happened without them.
So this is Reverend Michael and Mistress Laurie saying See you next year and Scare On…


2016 Promo

Flashlight Kids Night

Flashlight Kids Night Friday, September 30th. Then the grand opening October 1st!



13 Days…

Well folks, only 13 days till we open for the 2016 season. We’ve made a lot of changes this year. Most importantly, we will be open Friday and Saturday nights in October. That’s right! All season. Many chances to come for a scare and then come back for another.

We’ve changed the layout of the haunt. It’s now over a 1/4 mile long! We added scenes, and changed up a few. We’ve got lights! We’ve got fog! We’ve got music! We’ve go all kinds of dead things chasing after you!

September 30th, from 6-8pm we will be open for a Lights On, No Scare night for the younger kids. (yes, there will be candy, supplied by our sponsor Sidney Foods) For this night, children 12 and under will be admitted for $1. Up to 2 Adult chaperones may join them at no cost. Anyone else may come if they like, but it will be full price ($10) and no scares. This night is for the little ones.

October 1st, Saturday, will be the official opening of the haunt. 7pm – 11pm, and every Fri/Sat after that. The cost is $10. You can get $1 off for bringing non-perishable food items for the West Central Food Pantry. (up to $2 off per ticket)

If you are interested in helping out, we are still accepting volunteers. We offer Community Service hours for High School Seniors. Just send an email to

We hope to see you scare!

  • Reverend Michael & Mistress Laurie



Celebrate CB Parade 5/21/2016

We are proud to help support our Sister (Brother) Haunt, Madness Haunted House, by joining them in the Celebrate CB Parade, this Saturday the 21st at 10am. (soooo early). Come on out for the fun!
For those of you who work the house, be sure to check out the Cast and Crew page for the Celebrate CB Parade information.

Being Social

Did you know that we are very Social?
FaceBook – SinisterSidney
Twitter – @SidneySinister
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We’re Everywhere! We’re Everywhere!

Post Halloween

Oops… I just realized that I never did a Post-Halloween update. Here’s my one from FaceBook:

We had a great time and a great turn out for the first year. (over 250) Thank you all for your support. Thanks to the media for the articles and public awareness. Thanks to the community for your enthusiasm. Thanks to the Sidney City Council for your kind support and for realizing that even though we are a small town, big things can succeed.
Looking forward to being open full season next year. Friday and Saturday nights, all of October. We will expand, rearrange and be bigger and better. Can’t wait.
Watch for posts mid-year looking for sponsors, actors and crew.
So for now, the gates are closed. See you next year.

NoTrespassingWith that said, we are back at it. Accumulation more cool props and costumes, designing the expansion, building things. In March we’re headed to the Transworld Haunted Attraction Show. The largest gathering of vendors in the US. It’s gonna be a blast. Can’t wait to get… stuff.

We have also joined the Southwest Iowa Trail of Terrors. Check them out on FaceBook:

On another note: We are now officially Sinister Sidney, LLC. Yea for us!

Be sure to check out our FaceBook page, lots more updates there.



5 days to go

Had our final build day today. Got it all done and more. Thanks to all who have helped over these last few weeks. There is no possible way we could have done it with out each and every one of you.

Had a test walk through and I gotta say, to all of you planning to come Halloween night, your in for the time of your life… short though it may be…

Reverend Michael


It’s official folks… we are actively looking for actors, makeup artists and crew for Sinister Sidney.
Already working a local haunt? We don’t care. All the better. They aren’t open on Halloween night, we are ONLY open Halloween night.
Contact us at, or message us through Facebook.
Must be willing to commit. This is a big deal! We’ve had newspaper coverage, parade coverage, will have radio coverage, flyers, posters, etc. We plan on a HUGE turnout, so we need the support.
Come have one final night of scaring the crap out if people… you know you love to…