Frights on Filmore St.

Friday the 13th Food Drive and Dr. San Guinary

We had so much fun shooting promos with Dr. San Guinary on Creature Feature. Be sure to watch Dr. San Guinary’s Creature Feature at 1:00am Monday mornings on WOWT6 to see all the promos, some crappy old horror movies and some campy skits with Doc and the crew. And absolutely be at Sinister Sidney to meet The Grave Digger and Dr. San Guinary himself on Friday the 13th! (don’t forget to bring the non-perishable food items for your discounts)

Gonna Be A Blast!

SW Iowa for the Win! just released their list of the top 5 “MUST SEE” haunts in Iowa. The top 3 of these were all part of the SWI Trail of Terrors. Coming in at #3 is Gateway of Chaos in Malvern. #2 is your very own Sinister Sidney! and at #1, Madness Haunted House in Council Bluffs. We are very proud of our cast and crew, as well as all our friends at our sister haunts.

Haunt Chat Live

Reverend Michael and Mistress Laurie just broadcast the first episode of Haunt Chat Live.

New Show staring our very own Reverend Michael

In the News Again!

Sinister Sidney was in the news again! The Valley News in Shenandoah ran a great article.

Read it Here

Haunter’s Hangout Season 5 Eps. 6

In case you missed the show live, here’s your chance to watch…

Haunter’s Hangout

We will be guests on the Haunter’s Hangout show (Facebook group) Thursday, March 16th 2017 @8:00pm CST! Tune in and ask questions for a chance to win prizes.

Thank you all..

Thanks to everyone who came out and supported us and the food pantry. We collected (2) 55 gallon barrels with food!
We will be visiting other haunts Monday night.
It’s been a blast and we got many great reviews. This tells us we are doing something right. (2 fetal positions, 7 wet and 1 soiled pair of pants that we know of) We are already making plans for next year. Sinister Sidney will be back, bigger, badder and better.
On a final note: We want to thank the 40+ people who helped out this year. Whether with build, acting, crew or just support. This endeavor could never have happened without them.
So this is Reverend Michael and Mistress Laurie saying See you next year and Scare On…


2016 Promo

Flashlight Kids Night

Flashlight Kids Night Friday, September 30th. Then the grand opening October 1st!